Bridging The Gap

Star Diagnostics is bringing together people, medicine, technology, and treatment options by providing the best current services available in an accurate, fast, and efficient manner.

Ease of Access- Expediting the referral process

Star Diagnostics has put a lot of effort and energy into providing ease of access for Physicians to send orders/prescriptions through our online web-portal to expedite the processing and insurance verification to ensure patients get scheduled as soon as possible (we strive to have individuals scheduled within 72 hours).

Online Reports - Real time reports

With all Physicians that have registered with Star Diagnostics web-portal, report of findings of the testing is available from the web as soon as the results have been interpreted. This means your physician can access reports from the web or their mobile device at any location. If your physician has multiple locations and does not have the ability to get to their fax machine, they can simply download or review your report so your treatment plan can be confirmed or altered.

Please contact us if you have any questions.